carry a concealed pistol in this tactical gun purse
Black Concealed carry gun purse, tactical gun purse
nylon concealed carry gun purse

This small purse will carry any of the pistols listed in the BagFinder Menu as fitting a Style #1, Style#2, or a Style #3 BeltBag Holster. The Pistol is placed in the vertical Gun Pocket so it points at the ground. The inside of the Gun Pocket is shaped so the pistol will fit either way, making the HandiPurse completely ambidextrous.  The Gun Pocket flap can be opened with one hand so if you can reach the HandiPurse with either hand you can get the gun into play. If push comes to shove you can always shoot through the bag..

That brings us to the subject of "what to carry".. and the best self defense gun is always the one you have with you when the trouble starts.....   with that said, if you carry a semi automatic in a purse and you have to shoot while the gun is still in the bag it will jam because it can't throw the empty brass away, so you have one shot.. however, if you have a revolver with a shrouded hammer you should be able to empty it from inside the HandiPurse.. 

carry concealed tactical gun purse Purple Gun Purse Pink Gun Purse
A concealed carry gun purse designed to give you a tactical advantage.
This 4 inch revolver is a little to big for this  concealed carry gun purse
Purple carry concealed gun purse
Pink concealed carry gun purse for Walther, H & K, Colt, Smith & Wesson
carry concealed gun purse for revolver or Glock
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The HandiPurse  is intended to carry a small to medium sized handgun. The 4 inch barreled revolver pictured above is to long to fit down in the GunPocket but the 2 inch S&W Model 10, which is the same size fits easily.
The HandiPurse will carry any of the revolvers or pistols listed in the BAG FINDER menu on the fitting information page for the Style #1, Style #2, or the Style #3.  The guns listed as fitting a Style #4 are to large for the HandiPurse.
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