HandiPurse LOGO for concealed carry gun purse from KG Products
Drawing a handgun from a concealed carry gun purse
draw sequence for concealed carry handgun purse
Off hand draw from concealed carry handgun purse step 1
Off hand draw from concealed carry handgun purse step 2

There are 2 or 3 ways to carry a purse. Over your shoulder, across your body so it won't slip off, or you can just grab the strap with one hand and off you go.

You can wear the HandiPurse on your strong side and treat it as a full flap holster or wear it on your weak side and cross draw.... open the flap with your off hand and draw with your strong hand as shown in Fig 1

think about ways to access the pistol if you can't use your normal hand ..  the flap is easy to open with just your fingers,
turn your hand as shown in fig 2 and 3 to draw with your off hand and
Practice.. Practice.. Practice

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

If you are carrying over your shoulder for a strong side draw and it's time to go to your car.. get your car keys in your off hand and you can slide your strong hand into the gun pocket and take a firing grip.. the gun is out of sight but ready. 

If you have been carrying cross body and you switch to carrying on your strong side shoulder the gun is still orientated for a strong hand draw. 

A concealed weapon purse works just as well with stun gun, a pepper spray, or a gun.. what ever you carry.. PRACTICE..

Designed to give you a tactical advantage.