Question: What holds the gun in the bag?

Answer: I always tell people that I'm an Environmentalist... and there is all this gravity laying around no one is using... so we use gravity to hold the gun in..    Actually it's more a function of the size and shape of the pouch in the back of the bag.. The lower part of the grip should sit in a pocket at the bottom corner of the pouch just below the Velcro seam. If you have the correct size BeltBag for the gun you carry, the gun is closely confined in the pouch when the Velcro seams are closed so it can't move inside the pouch, so it can't develop enough inertia to open the Velcro seams. We have no reports of a gun falling out.. and I'm sure we would hear about it...

Question: Can You wash the Nylon BeltBag Holsters?

Answer: Yes you can. We recommend cold water wash and line dry. The Cordura Nylon we use is coated with a spray on urethane coating that doesn't respond well to the dryer.

Question: Velcro makes a lot of noise when you pull it open. Won't that alert the bad guy that you are drawing?

Answer: It does make a distinct noise.. so does a 12 guage pump shotgun when you chamber a round in a dark house.. If they recognize either sound they might leave and no shots are fired.. that's still the best option..

Question: being a BIG guy, I wonder how large a BELT comes with each, and whether or not a longer belt-or belt extender-is available and, if so, at what cost?

Answer: The standard belt on the BeltBag Holster fits up to a 46 inch belt size.. If you need a longer belt you may select Long(56) or Extra Long(66) from a menu provided on the shopping cart at time of purchase.. there is no extra charge for longer belts, or for left handed bags.

Question: I have read about the #1 and #2 BeltBag Holsters, and also the FAQ's. I am still a bit unclear about which size you would recommend for a Colt Mustang Series 80 PocketLite, .380 ACP. You say that the outer limit of the #1 BeltBag is the smallest of the Colt Musangs, but you don't say whether that means you would recommend going to the next larger size, the BeltBag #2. Second, is there a provision for a spare magazine in the BeltBag? Third, what size are the additional compartments in the BeltBag? Are they large enough to carry a Palm V PDA? A checkbook?

Answer: The smallest of the Mustangs will work OK in a #1 but the question of a PDA and check book put you in a #2. The zipper opening in the main compartment is just slightly longer than a standard check book and it's deep enough for a PDA and spare magazine.. and the larger version of the Colt 380 will fit..

Question: Is the firearm compartment in your nylon bags padded?

Answer: Absolutely not.... the padding would serve no functional purpose and would make the bag bulkier... they work great without padding..