The main compartment of the bag has a wide elastic strap that is sewn in a shape that holds the handgun at a forward angle to make the draw more natural.

The main zipper that closes the gun pocket has 2 zipper slides. When the bag is closed both zipper slides should be on the same side as shown in the illustration. You will only use one of the slides
during the draw, so think about your hand movement.. will you want
to move the zipper front to back or back to front to open the bag?

Under stress those little zipper slide are going to be hard to find so
we recommend putting something on the primary zipper slide. The one you'll use to open the bag during the draw. A piece of leather boot lace with a large bead of some sort works great.. a little key fob. Almost anything that will enable you to find the zipper slide with just a sweep of your hand... without looking down.

Now practice a little.. sweep your hand along the bag and find the zipper pull. Pull the zipper across the top of the bag then roll your fingers down into the bag and draw. With practice this becomes one smooth motion....

This style bag is not as fast as our fanny pack style BeltBag Holsters but you won't break the first rule of a gun fight.. HAVE A GUN !

Instructions for Style #8 or #9